October 7, 10am CEST

Onboard Track Monitoring Solution: detect irregularities and react faster 

Track maintenance is very expensive and time-consuming. Together with our partner Virtualmech, we invite you to discover the new on board system that performs on real time geometry measurements. The solution allows to setect irregularities on railtrack  and quickly react to failures. Using a kinematic approach, the computer vision system and inertial sensors map the entire network through which the equipped trains pass.

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We will cover the following topics:

  • all in one platform to manage Infrastructure data for operations and maintenance 
  • monitoring of track gauge, vertical profile, alignment, cant and twist
  • how track monitoring helps to streamline maintenance and improve services 

These topics will be explained through real cases in railway transportation.

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Marta Miralpeix


Business Developer Manager at smart motors 
Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and completed a Master's Degree in Transport, Logistics and Mobility at the same university.

Marta has professional experience in ALG, a transport and logistics development consultancy, and in Indra. She has done other consulting work, for example for the Damm group, mainly at European level, always in the field of mobility and transport infrastructures.

Eduardo Briales, PhD


Product Manager at Virtualmech

Working at Virtualmech since 2016, Eduardo leads different R&D projects in the railway and thermal power sector with a team of experts in the field of mechanics, electronics, statistics and digital processing of images and signals. These projects have allowed his clients to solve complex industrial maintenance problems. 

Eduardo developed his PhD thesis in order to improve the ride safety and to secure a proper measurement and maintenance of the rail.